Michael Fanuzzi

Web Design & Development

Hello - it's a pleasure to meet you.

I make websites for a living, for many companies large and small. This is most certainly what I'm doing right now, actually. Thus for my own site, I decided to go back to basics; Notepad style. With that, let me tell you about:

What I do.

I am an adept learner of all things electronic; an abstract and critical thinker with an interest in the role that technology plays in our lives, examining intuition as it relates to our use of the same, and bringing the two together to make digital experiences more useful and more enjoyable. I am also someone who has numerous diverse interests outside of the world of tech (visual arts, musician of many instruments, avid reader, gardener, orchid collector, oenophile, cook, birder, naturalist). Whether as a programmer, designer, musician or technologist, I strive to bring that richness to all I do.

Technologies in which I have specialized over the years include .NET (lately this is especially MVC oriented, and mostly C#) and all that which goes with it (SQL, IIS, cloud computing and CDNs, etc). On the other side of the software aisle, I have also been a avid Linux user since '99 and open source developer for just as long. I began with writing encryption software in C, which led to writing shopping cart engines in Perl, which led to writing CMSs in PHP. Building on that, I've also done a large number of WordPress sites in recent years, a platform whose internals I'm now quite familiar with.

I'm also an experienced front-end developer, and thoroughly enjoy all the aspects of CSS3, HTML5, animation, jQuery, progressive enhancement, responsive/reflexive/rejuvenative design and so on. As someone who remembers how hard it once was to do something as simple as rounded corners or write cross-browser javascript, the richness of possibility this new world of front-end development gives us is genuinely exciting.

I have been doing all of this professionally for well over a decade now, since the heyday of the cgi-bin. Learning so many different technologies has taught me a lot about how each layer works, and gave me a great understanding of not just the specific thing, but the scope of the whole; the architecture. Holistic technology. That's what I'm about!

I am also a designer, and enjoy that quite a bit. But mostly I am a developer, as I would say that is about 80% of my work at any given time. That said, I do believe that one informs the other.

Some of my clients,

and some of the sites I have made for them.

“Awesome! How do I contact you?”

Easy. Email me at "mike" at this domain name dot com, thus spelling my name.

I'm also on LinkedIn, where you can contact me, peruse my connections and work experience, and other professional variations on cyberstalking.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,