He who does.

Artist, architect, engineer, builder, designer, writer, musician, naturalist, human. Fields of research & practice include human-computer interaction, creative technology, electrical engineering, emotional design, music composition, experiential biofeedback, software architecture, full-stack web development (.net/py), synesthesia, ontology of generative art, hermeneutics.

Living in Portland and working globally, I am that strategic "multi-modal creative", tech-director-for-hire and keen collaborator who will own yr technical projects from the vantage of two decades' expertise and insights. Delivering the goods for Nike, Google, the New York Times, Starbucks, LUNA, Hot Pockets and many more. I bring the level of excellence premium clients demand and choosy cats prefer. So what can I do for you?

To get in touch, or to request my résumé, email “michael” @ this domain. I may also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter. Ciao ciao.MF

Current projects.

  • "Magical Realism Products: Towards an Ontology of Generative Art" (book, forthcoming 2020)
  • LAZERfocus - an interactive real-time engine for music visualization rooted in neurological principles of multimodal perception (PD+VVVV+VL+HLSL+custom hardware/video, 2016-present)
  • LAZERbeat - a percussion-to-melody machine that surfaces the hidden layers in sound for live performance & installation (PD+lots of math+custom hardware, more info, 2016-present)
  • LAZERletter - a periodic letter of love to weird internet, music, art and philosophy. It is an exploration of the possibilities of email-as-art-medium. (more info, 2018-present)
  • Producing and engineering various featured Medium stories, podcasts, etc. (2018-present)
  • A nice cup of tea (steep 5 min.)

Selected works.

  • Nike Training Club Pro [AnalogFolk]

    Technical Director

    How do you deliver that premium experience, position yourself smartly in a crowded market, and deliver what your users want most, while working across platforms, manging complex third-party integrations, and coordinating cross-disciplinary teams? I got this. As one of many hands that led this project to success, I directed the technological solutions and collaborated on creative strategy and research. 100% full potential.MF

  • Goodnes [Swift]

    Solutions Architect, Full-Stack Dev (.net, angular)

    For nearly a year, I led an Agile team thru development of this Nestle recipe site, playing architect, lead developer, designer, strategist, writer, client liaison, manager, and just about any other role you can think of. I scoped, engineered, built and demo'd countless features, oversaw integrations with complex 3rd party APIs, performed performance audits, wrote automated tests, oversaw design and UX iterations. All the while instituting processes to facilitate greater collaboration both with client and internal teams and keep the project running smoothly. As a result, performance was greatly enhanced, functionality expanded, and user experience refined. The result is as tasty as a blood orange mimosa. Dang.MF

  • Stouffer’s [Swift]

    Solutions Architect, Full-Stack Dev (.net, umbraco, patternlab)

    A straightforward CPG site with beautiful photography front and center. But behind this outward simplicity lies internal complexity, and maintaining that balance thru expansion was my job. Most recently, I architected and led implementation of a complete 1:1 translation of the site into Spanish. This was a challenge as Umbraco is not built for i18n, and there were diverse structural issues and external integrations to consider. We hurdled them brilliantly, and once again did the never-been-done-before efficiently and expertly.MF

  • Hot Pockets [Swift]

    Solutions Architect, Full-Stack Dev (.net, angular, patternlab)

    Yes, Hot Pockets. Whaddya gonna pick? You're going to pick Hot Pockets® brand sandwiches, because my team made their site so 💯🔥🔥🔥. I was tasked with architecture and implementation of a complete overhaul of this popular CPG food product website, tightly integrating with tumblr for a social-focused experience, and filling the page with flair whilst maintaining a strict performance budget. I collaborated closely on UX and design, establishing technical capabilities amongst the team, and kept our sprints on track. I expanded our front-end build system, enabling greater collaboration and parallel development, and I expanded the capabilities of our back-end system, enabling greater performance and customization. Finally, I managed to quasi-sincerely use the term "cheese pull" at least once. It's a thing.MF

  • Made With Code [Swift]

    Creative Technologist

    I made and helped make things both with and without code. Typical request: hey, can we 3d-print this blinky thing that writes Python underwater by tomorrow? Typical answer: yes. These were some of my favorite projects at Swift, not only because it enabled me to reengage with my passion for electrical engineering, and play with nifty things like metal printing and conductive ink pens, but also because they were some of the most creative and collaborative. I know more about code than any one person should. Getting to share that knowledge and encourage others is truly a joy.MF

  • lazerbea.ms

    Founder, Musician, Producer, Creative Technologist, Engineer, Art Director...

    lazerbea.ms is a new multimedia label and collaborative art project founded in Portland in late 2017 by yrs truly. Its eponymous act, Lazerbeams: Tonite!, is a multimedia, son et lumière journey of connection (audience-performer) that sounds like an abstraction of 1,000 genres, and aims to push experiential boundaries by integrating biofeedback, emotional design, and massive mingling of modalities. To do this, I've constructed several custom performance technologies that enable live layering and manipulation of both electric and acoustic instruments, triggering and algorithmic transposition, all the while capturing the pure performance in a traditional DAW. Simultaneously, various biofeedback sensors combine with synesthetic interpretations of the sounds (via PD, VVVV and others) to visualize the experience for projection and light manipulation. But this project is not about technology. It is about transcendence. The founding philosophy of lazerbea.ms is modern technoprimitivism. Recalling in equal measure early abstract expressionists, pre-Raphaelites, Bauhaus, it is the manipulation of our materials, regardless of genre, to express our most innerer klang in a modern context that seems to have forgotten our humanity. Technology is a means, not a message, and we seek to realize and reclaim the power of our tools as instruments of humanism. It is an exciting journey to be on, and I hope you join us.MF